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Add:Shenzhen City, Futian District Che Kung Temple Tairan 8 road Annwa Industrial District 4 Building 5 floor East Room 512-519
Tell:(0755)8344 9090
Mailbox: [email protected]
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Shenzhen (Laboratory)
Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratories

Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratory—Safety and Energy Efficiency Testing Center

Room 512-519, 5/F., East Tower, Building 4, Anhua Industrial Zone, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Tel: 0755-83448688-828
Fax: 0755-83442996
E-mail[email protected]
Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratory—Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Center
2/F, Building 3, Fengze Park, Chaguang Village, Shahe Road, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755-83448688-829
E-mail:[email protected]   [email protected]

Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratory—Environment and Chemical Testing Center
Address: Block L, Tsinghua Park, Xili University, Shenzhen
E-mail:[email protected]

Hong Kong:
Timeway Technology Development Ltd.
Room 1803, 18/F, Jiaxing Commercial Center, No.23 Dundas, Mon Kok, Hong Kong
Tel: 00852-26261885
Fax: 00852-30121422
[email protected]

Ningbo Office, Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratories
Room 405, Jiangdong Science and Technology Innovation Center, No. 167 Qixin Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0574—87915669
Fax: 0574—87732999
E-mail:[email protected]

Xiamen Office, Shenzhen Timeway Testing Laboratories

9E Yulong Attic, No.303 Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen
E-mail:[email protected]