The importance of 3C annual inspection report? What is the difference between quality inspection report and quality inspection report?

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2022-04-06 15:02

3C annual inspection report and quality inspection report are familiar to enterprise friends, but many friends do not understand the difference between 3C annual inspection report and quality inspection report? Next, Shenzhen Zhuoshi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. will explain the difference between 3C annual inspection report and certification. Let's see
1. Introduction to 3C annual inspection report and quality inspection report: 3C annual inspection report is fully called "mandatory product certification system". It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the national government according to laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management. The so-called 3C annual inspection report refers to China's mandatory product certification system.
Quality inspection report is the inspection of quality. The quality inspection report is the qualified inspection report of the product. Now China has more and more strict requirements on quality inspection, so different products should issue different quality inspection reports. At present, all products need to pass the quality inspection before sales, and the number of qualified products of the company needs to be counted, mainly the written certificate of product quality. He got the result by checking the quality of products and equipment. It is a system standard to ensure product quality. Generally speaking, you can choose to apply for a quality inspection report only when there is no enforceable national standard for the product
2. Difference between 3C annual inspection report and quality inspection report: In the second year after obtaining CCC certificate, the manufacturer needs to arrange factory audit every year. The test report commissioned by the manufacturer to the third party to meet the regular test of products in CCC factory inspection. When a merchant's products are sold on the domestic e-commerce platform, the test item is the product
3C annual inspection report is a part of the test standard. All online stores must provide a test report issued by a third-party testing agency, and the third-party must have CNAs and CMA qualifications
The 3C annual inspection report is a national mandatory certification, but the product also needs to meet the corresponding product standards, so the test report is required to prove it. In addition, in order to sell, many channels need product test reports, such as Tmall JD
The 3C certificate is issued by a qualified organization. The inspection report and the issuing agency can be the same department. At the same time, the inspection report can also be issued by other authorized inspection institutions. The timeliness of inspection reports may vary from institution to institution.
After reading these, I believe you have a very clear understanding of the meaning and importance of the 3C annual inspection report. Then we must pay attention in the future business process. A series of certificates, licenses, procedures, etc., including the 3C annual inspection report, must be complete and complete, without any mistakes. Otherwise, we will encounter a lot of trouble in the business process.

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