What are the specific requirements for handling 3C annual inspection report

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2022-03-14 09:39

CCC certification is China's "mandatory product certification system", abbreviated as "CCC" or "3C". It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by government departments in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management. 3C is a common symbol in our daily life. Most articles and food in our daily life have this symbol, which shows its importance in China.
What are the requirements for handling 3C annual inspection reports? As we all know, 3C certification requires annual review every year. If the 3C annual inspection report is not made, the 3C certificate will be suspended or cancelled. Although 3C certification is something that should be done every year, many friends still forget the information needed to prepare the 3C annual inspection report every year. Now let's take a look at more details of 3C annual inspection report!
1、 The 3C annual inspection report needs to prepare the following materials:
1.3C Documents required for annual inspection report
Prepare 3C related regulatory documents and various relevant records of the previous year. There are many documents and records, and they are prepared one by one according to the factory inspection requirements. 3c For annual inspection, quality documents such as certificate, identification molding approval, type test report and last inspection report shall be provided.
2.3C Supervision and inspection of annual inspection report
Agree the date and personnel of factory inspection with the certification authority. During annual supervision and inspection, certified products or similar products shall be produced on site, and inspectors can check the production process control. If it is not a certified product, there should be products in stock, and the product consistency should be checked.
3.3C Equipment inspection of annual inspection report
There should be basic testing equipment. On the one hand, it depends on the operation and records of routine inspection. On the other hand, some products need to be tested on site.
4. Provide regular inspection report.
Provide the periodic confirmation inspection report of 3c certified products or other certificates of 3c certified voluntary product certification.
5. Provide regular verification and inspection record report of certified products.
6. Inspection equipment shall have verification and calibration reports.
What is described above is that 3C annual inspection report needs to prepare some materials. Of course, since the requirements and methods of supervision and inspection are basically the same as those of initial inspection, you can also look at the specific provisions of factory inspection requirements of various organizations.
2、 Differences between 3C annual inspection report and quality inspection report
The manufacturer shall arrange factory inspection every year in the second year after obtaining the CCC certificate. In order to meet the regular inspection of products in the CCC factory inspection, the manufacturer entrusts a third party organization to prepare an inspection report, and the inspection items are part of the CCC certification inspection standards for products.
Merchants selling products on domestic e-commerce platforms need to provide test reports issued by third-party testing institutions, and the third party needs to have CNAS and CMA qualifications.
3C certification is a national mandatory certification, but the product still needs to meet the corresponding product standards, which requires a test report to prove. Moreover, in order to sell, many channels need product inspection reports, such as Tmall JD.COM. The 3C certificate is issued by a qualified agency. The inspection report can be the same department as the certification agency, and the inspection report can also be another authorized testing agency. The timeliness of inspection reports may vary from institution to institution.

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