Product Certification and Registration

Electronic equipment: For example Mobile phone, computer, Television, Amplifier and Speaker, HUB, Card reader, HDD, Monitor, Security monitoring equipment, Adapter and Charger, Mode airplane, Mouse and Keyboard etc.


Battery: Li-ion battery and pack, UPS, Power Bank etc.


Smart device: smartwatch, Robot, unmanned aerial/air vehicle,  Robotic sweeper, Smart socket and others smart home products.


Household Appliance: Kettle, Fan, Home Heaters, Blender,Massager  etc.


Lamp: LED lamp, LED Power supplier, table lamp, street lamp, Recessed luminaires, Portable luminaire etc.


Exercises machines: Running machines, electric self-balancing scooter, Electric bicycle


Personal protective equipment (PPE): Helmet, Mask, Glove etc.


Toys: Electronics toys etc.



SRRC Registration: Radio transmission equipment exported to the People's Republic of China or produced (including trial production) within the People's Republic of China must be held by the State Radio Regulation Committee, SRRC) Radio-transmitting Equipment Type Approval Certificate issued after type approval of its transmitting characteristics. The type approval code shall be indicated on the label of the factory equipment.


 CTA registration : China implements a network access license system for telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and telecommunications equipment involved in internetwork interchange that are used to access public telecommunications networks. Telecommunications equipment must obtain network access licenses; Those who have not obtained the network access license shall not be allowed to access the public telecommunications network for use and sale in the country.   


The United States:

 FDA Registration : The FDA, short for the Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for ensuring the safety of foods, cosmetics, drugs, biologics, medical devices and radiological products made or imported into the United States. Timeway provides FDA registration and annual inspection services for laser products.


Energy Star Registration : Energy Star is a government program run by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to better protect the living environment and conserve energy. More than 30 categories of products are now covered by this certification, such as household appliances, heating/cooling equipment, electronic products, lighting products and so on. Timeway provides Energy Star testing and registration services for products.


DOE Registration: DOE is the Department of Energy of the United States. DOE requires products under its control (see picture for the list) to register with DOE before they can be sold in the United States, and then bear EnerGuide's energy label.

The DOE regulations are U.S. Federal Regulations 10 CFR 429 and 10 CFR430.

Among them, 10 CFR 429 stipulates the sample selection specification and reporting specification; 10 CFR 430 specifies the test method and declaration of compliance specification. All external power supplies entering the U.S. market should meet the minimum energy efficiency rating: level IV and be clearly marked on the product.

DOE Certified product range provided by Timeway:

Battery Chargers. Battery chargers

Computer and Battery Backup Systems. Computer and battery backup systems

External Power Supplies. External power supplies

Set-Top Boxes. Set-top boxes

Televisions are televisions


The scope of DOE registered and certified products provided by Zhuoshi Testing:
Battery Chargers
Computer and Battery Backup Systems
External Power Supplies
Set-Top Boxes Televisions

CEC Registration: CEC is short for the California Energy Efficiency Commission. CEC certification covers 58 categories of products. Products within the scope of CEC certification must meet the requirements of CEC certification, or they may not be sold.

The products for CEC registration and testing provided by Zhuo Shi Testing are as follows:

1. Charger: such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, smart band, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and other products with small capacity battery;

2. Power supply: external power supply, power adapter;

3, consumer audio and video equipment: such as set-top box, display, DVD player and other products;


Australian and New Zealand RCM Registration :

The RCM mark represents that your product meets all applicable Australian and New Zealand regulatory requirements, including special requirements for safety and electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or radio equipment.

The RCM mark is a trademark owned by regulators in Australia and New Zealand to indicate that a product complies with both safety regulations and EMC/RF wireless.

Data required for RCM registration: In addition to the company information in Australia/New Zealand, required technical data: SAA certificate and test report, EMC test report, RF wireless test report.

Only companies registered in Australia or New Zealand can register an RCM.


European ERP Registration : The European Union's Energy-Related Products Directive (ErP Directive 2009/125/EC) is an eco-design directive that applies to most products that consume energy throughout their life cycle, from dishwashers to household electronics to air conditioners, boilers and more. The ErP directive is intended to encourage manufacturers and importers to offer more energy-efficient products to consumers.

Some products need to register and obtain energy efficiency label after ERP test, such as lamps, televisions, fans and refrigerators.


European WEEE registration :  WEEE English full name Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, is the European Union waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling directive. Simply put, under this directive, manufacturers of electronic and electrical goods must, in accordance with this regulation, dispose of electronic and electrical goods conveniently and free of charge. Generally, national electronic products sold to EU countries are required to register WEEE certification. Currently, Amazon implements mandatory policies for cross-border e-commerce sales companies, and products without registered WEEE registration code will be forced to be removed from the shelves. Among all European countries, Germany has the strictest requirements on environmental protection, so German WEEE must be done.