Americas Certification

United States:

FCC Certification:

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification is the United States EMC and RF wireless and other mandatory certification, mainly for 9KHz-3000GHz electronic and electrical products, the content involves radio, communication and other aspects. Especially the radio interference of wireless communication equipment and system, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, as well as certification system and organization management system.

FCC ID certification: FCC ID is one of the mandatory FCC authentication modes in the United States. It is suitable for wireless products with high technical difficulty. Products with wireless transmission frequency, such as Bluetooth devices, WiFi devices, wireless alarm devices, radio receiving and transmission devices, telephones, computers, etc., need to apply for FCC-ID authentication. Wireless product certification is directly approved by FCC TCB agency. You can check the certification result on FCC official website.

FCC SDOC: It is applicable to general products without wireless functions and other certifications. FCC SDOC refers to Supplier's Declaration of Conformity, that is, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC for short). The equipment supplier (Note: the supplier must be a local company in the United States) will test the equipment that meets the specified standards or requirements, and the equipment that meets the requirements shall provide relevant documents (such as SDoC declaration documents) to prove to the public

UL/ETL/TUVus safety certification: non-compulsory certification, is by the United States NRTL laboratory (UL, Intertek, TUV, etc.) on the product safety certification, there are factory inspection.



IC certification, also known as ISED certification, is mandatory for wireless products to enter Canada

ICED: Innovation,Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). Innovation,Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). ISED has established testing standards for analogue and digital terminal equipment and is responsible for the certification of electrical and electronic products into the Canadian market. It has clarified the requirements for IC certification for products entering the Canadian market. This is why IC certification is also known as ISED certification.

IC certified products range: lamps and lanterns, information technology and peripheral products, audio and video products, mechanical products, telecommunications equipment, engineering and medical equipment, etc.

IC main certification standards:

ICES-001: Analog equipment

ICES-003: Digital terminal equipment

RSS Series: RF wirerless transmitting and receiving equipment


cUL, cETL, cTUV, CSA and other Canadian safety certification: non-compulsory certification, NRTL Canada (UL, Intertek, TUV, etc.) on the product safety certification, there are factory inspection.



Some American certification marks: