Australia Certification

Australian and New Zealand RCM:

RCM mark, to achieve uniform identification of electrical products, this mark is a trademark owned by the regulatory authorities in Australia and New Zealand, indicating that products meet both safety and EMC requirements.






SAA Certification: Declared safety certification of Products in Australia and New Zealand. Declared Electrical Products are classified into Declared Electrical Products and declared Non-Declared electrical products.

Controlled electrical appliances: Controlled electrical appliances must obtain the certificate of approval issued by the monitoring department, and the identification (must be marked with Shanghai Book number).

Non-regulated electrical appliances: Although non-regulated products are not mandatory to obtain certification, their safety is the responsibility of the seller/manufacturer and can voluntarily apply for certification. The monitoring department will issue a Certificate of Suitability for products that meet the requirements of the standard. Electrical products that have obtained the certificate of conformity can be marked with Shanghai Book number.